Welcome to Gigs and Crowds, a side blog of miharusshi (Anime Vios, Owl Memoria; lastfm, twitter, askfm) dedicated to translating OPM (Original Pinoy/Filipino Music) song lyrics to English. I opened this blog not only to gain appreciation of our local music and the meaningful words stitched with every lace of melody, but also to show people anywhere in the world (who happen to stumble upon this tiny island in the vast sea of the internet) the beauty in Philippine music scene.

Songs are personally chosen by me, and pretty randomly. Expect to see oldies and recent songs here. A song may be accompanied by a YouTube music or lyric video, depending on its availability. But more likely than not, a video would appear in every post. New translation posts are published weekly, at Sundays. If you use twitter, you can find links to my posts by searching #GigsAndCrowdsOPMTL.

If you want to use and publish my translations anywhere else in printed or digital form, feel free to do so as long as you credit me.

Enjoy your stay!


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